BALMAR DC Charging Systems


This is the brand of choice here at The Solar Biz. The Balmar line of quality High Output Alternators and DC systems components are second to none. When your need to upgrade the stock alternator in your RV, boat, ambulance, 18 wheeler or fire truck, this is the best way to go. Balmar alternators are a proven reliable design, with years of experience to back them up.

The open ocean is no place for a charging failure, or anywhere else for that matter.

That’s why Whitbread racers, world cruisers, top boat builders and the U.S. Coast Guard all look to Balmar premium alternators for high-output performance and solid reliability.

Balmar alternators are built to provide optimum charging capacity at lower rpm’s, so you’ll enjoy increased economy, shorter charging cycles and increased battery life. Small and large-case Balmar alternators are constructed expressly for rugged heavy duty use -- incorporating extra tough materials for maximum resistance to salt and corrosion. White powder coating ensures that your alternator will remain in top shape long after it's installed in your engine compartment.

No matter what your charging application, there's a Balmar alternator that's just the right size and amperage to get the job done right. Small-case alternators for direct OEM replacement -- to extra-large auxiliary alternators -- provide amperage outputs ranging from 50 amps to a whopping charging power in excess of 310 amps.

We carry the complete line of Balmar Regulators

Should I use a small-case or a large-case alternator?

Our small case alternators are ideal for direct OEM replacement on most small to medium horsepower diesel and/or gasoline  engines. These high-output models are a terrific source of improved charging power over standard alternators. To see what small case model is best for your engine, click the button below:

Small Case Alternators

What should I do if my energy load is larger than average?

In cases where the added demands of air conditioning, refrigeration and other power hungry AC and DC loads are commonplace,  our high-capacity, large frame alternators can produce quantities of charging power. These higher-output alternators provide the increased amperage capacity needed to satisfy the demands of serious power users.

Large Case Alternators

My system includes a large inverter and substantial battery capacity.

When system loads include a substantial number of large, deep-cycle batteries, inverter, larger refrigeration or air conditioning systems, and other high-demand components, you may want to consider the benefits of Balmar extra large-frame alternators. These powerful models provide the additional heft and extraordinary amperage necessary to handle the most demanding system structure. Many models feature brushless construction for long-lasting dependability. Click the button to see the extra-large case alternators.

Extra-Large Case Alternators

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