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 Custom Battery / Inverter Cables                                                                                                           


With almost a half century experience of making battery cables for the over the road heavy truck industry we don't solder our cables because a soldered connection puts solder between the wire and the lug. Solder is not as good a conductor as copper. A copper to copper twelve ton crimped connection is the best because, it carries more amperage and it's UL Listed.

UL Listed custom made cables of the finest code approved flexible cable, crimped UL lugs with Red, White or Black heat shrink tubing. Our UL Listed crimped  lugs make the best connection because they are hands down, the thickest, heaviest, most durable and conductive lug in the world.

Our code approved custom cable sets are, beyond a doubt, the best you can buy. They will serve your system  well for many years to come.

 We can custom make any cable length you require in 4 ga, 2 ga, 2/0 ga and 4/0 ga UL Listed Ultra-flex cable. Call 888-826-0939 to discuss your needs and for pricing.


Model Number



Price per pair








Acid Spill Absorber & Neutralizer                                           

This amazing product is way beyond anything else on the market you could use. For years all we had to recommend to folks was to sprinkle baking soda on the floor underneath their battery installation. The result was marginal at best.

Now you can spread our acid spill absorber & neutralizer with confidence that any spill will be contained and neutralized. The formula changes color when acid is present and then changes color again when the acid is neutralized. No guessing that it worked... you see visual proof it has done its job. We sell the 8 pound bucket which should be enough for the life of your batteries.

We recommend spreading the formula on the floor under your protective floor mat and then on top of the mat as well. Then place you batteries directly on the formula. Any spillage will be quickly absorbed and neutralized.


QuickCote+ Protective Compound                                           



QuickCote+ Protective compound for battery terminals and connections.  Special Formula seals terminals and connections against corrosion, moisture, dirt and oil.

Brush on application stays put, won't drip of evaporate. Use on all exposed electrical terminals and connections. Also prevents seizing of fasteners.

8 Ounce Can with Applicator Brush, will coat one HUP Solar One 12 volt battery, for 24 volt order two cans etc.




Floor Protective Battery Mat                                                      

Everybody who sets up a battery system always asks... What should I put under my batteries to protect my floor?

Here's the answer... Our acid absorbing battery mat! We sell it in a convenient 3 foot by 10 foot roll. A perfect size for most battery installations. Can be cut to size.


Part Number TSB-510170 Click for Price


Eyewash Station                                                                           


Setting up a renewable energy battery system? Don't forget the most important item! I recommend placing our Eyewash Station where you can easily find it blind, if you get acid in your eyes. Just grab the bottle of sterile eyewash and irrigate your eyes. You can't buy new eyes... This is the most important part of your battery system get one now, don't risk your precious eyes.


Part Number TSB-510521  Click For Price



Battery Cable - Interconnects                                                                  

Highest quality multi-stranded copper welding cable with twelve ton crimped tinned copper lugs and heat shrink tubing on both ends. Our crimped copper lugs make the best connection because they are a copper to copper connection.

After almost a half century experience of making battery cables for the over the road heavy truck industry we don't solder our cables because a soldered connection puts solder between the wire and the lug and solder is not as good a conductor as copper. A copper to copper ten ton crimped connection is the best because, it carries the most amperage.

We will custom make any gauge and length interconnect you require, using superior quality Lugs and Heavy duty Heat Shrink, call 888-826-0939 to order.


        Battery Interconnects for Renewable Energy Deep Cycle Batteries    


                      For the Full Selection of Superior UL Listed Battery and Inverter Cables



Bulk UL Listed Ultra Flexible Cable                                                                                                                  





Sold by the foot  Stranded single conductor UL Listed copper wire as described below. All the wire listed below is super flexible




Model Number





2, 2/0 4/0 awg Black and Red

UL Listed Cable per ft.



DC Breaker Box and Breakers                                                       


Got a real small DC only system and only need a few breakers?... here's your answer.  Here is very handy impossible to find item. It is a small DC/AC breaker box. Will accept 1 to 4 either DC or AC din rail mount breakers. 3/4-1 inch knockouts top and bottom. Small size 3" X 3" X 7"  Weight 2 Lbs. Rated for indoor use only. Order breakers separately. See below.

The 63 amp breaker listed below can be used with the Outback MX-60 Charge controller. So if you need to add another charge controller to your ever expanding system and were wondering where the breakers were going to go in your full DC breaker box... here's your answer

I have only listed the DC breakers below but we also carry AC din rail mount breakers for the same price as the DC. Call 888-826-0939 with your needs.


 Item Number

Description Price
MNS-22507 Baby Breaker Enclosure Click for Price
MNS-910010 10 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC Click for Price
MNS-910015 15 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC Click for Price
MNS-910020 20 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC Click for Price
MNS-910030 30Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC Click for Price
MNS-910063 63 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC Click for Price


Power Vent                                                                                                                                    

Battery Bank Ventilation
Ventilates hydrogen that's naturally generated through the charging of your battery bank. Prevents dangerous build up of explosive hydrogen gas. Uses very little power. Guaranteed for 4 years. Choice of 12, 24 or 48V DC models.

The POWER VENT was designed for use in remote home power systems. The concept arose from field experience of systems with enclosed battery boxes. Quite often the NEC required venting was found back drafting, thus cooling the battery bank and lowering its' capacity as well as venting hydrogen gas into the structure.

POWER VENT alleviates this condition by keeping a gravity operated damper closed within the vent pipe except at times when the batteries are being charged and producing hydrogen gas. During these times the battery box is force vented with a low power, sparkless fan which overcomes the damper sending the gas outdoors. The "fan on" mode is determined by the battery voltage. When the batteries are "gassing" during charge periods the battery voltage will read above normal. A voltage sensitive switch is required in the system to make the on/off determination. All TRACE SW model inverters have a programmable auxiliary relay which can operate the POWER VENT. Other systems require the addition of a voltage controlled switch.

See Installation Diagram

Model Number


12Volt or 24 Volt Power Vent



48 Volt Power Vent

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We have been working with solar energy & battery systems since 1969... Almost a Half Century of Experience. Our 47th Anniversary!!

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