Copper Heart ICS Solar Hot Water Heaters

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 CopperHeart Integral Collector Storage (ICS)                                         


The CopperHeart integral collector storage system, or ICS, combines thermal collection and storage in a single unit.  The CopperHeart is designed to meet the international demand for a simple, durable and inexpensive domestic water heating system.  The CopperHeart typically serves as a solar preheater to an existing electric or gas water heater, but may be used as the primary water heater in certain climates. 

ICS units are excellent choices for residential new construction in the U.S. Sunbelt or other mild climates that do not experience hard freeze conditions. Check out the Eaton/Dole freeze protection valves below.

PLEASE NOTE: The CopperHeart heater will far outlast the Eaton/Dole valve, we recommend replacement every six years.

Collector Specifications

 Model Number




Dry Weight (lbs)

Fluid Capacity Gallons

Wet Weight (lbs)

Gross Area  (sq ft)

Max Pressure (psig)

Connection Pipe Diameter

Connection Center to Center


36 1/2

50 1/4

6 7/8









36 1/2

78 1/4 

6 7/8









36 1/2

98 1/4 

6 7/8









Model Number Description PRICE
CP-20 21 Gallons $3029.97
CP-30 32 Gallons $3069.97
CP-40 42 Gallons $3099.97
MTG-C-FK Empire/CopperHeart Series Flush Mount Kit - includes (4) C-SSN and (4) 1 5/8" x 4" Black Anodized Mounting Feet $45.97
MTG-C-024 Horizontal Tilt Mount Kit - 24" Legs $149.97
MTG-C-CFK Counter Flashing Kit $649.97

There is a factory crating charge of $140.00 per order (If you're ordering more than one it's not each collector), plus a refundable palate charge of $40 on all complete truck shipments.

Please call us for quantity pricing.

Hot Water System Protector                                                            

Don't risk your Hot Water Heater investment!  Get a CUNO hot water protection system for your Water Heater. The filter installs on the cold water feed line before entering the Heater.

These systems protect and maintain the efficiency of hot water heaters and systems by preventing the buildup of scale, rusting and corrosion in pipes. The most reasonably priced insurance to maximize the efficiency of all hot water systems. No system should be without one.

CAP-20430 Complete System Protector PRICE: $67.97

CAP-20431 AP431 Replacement Cartridge PRICE: $27.97

Download CUNO AP430  .PDF Data Sheet

SOLAR BiZ Freeze Protection Valves                                          


Solar Biz Models FP-35 or FP-45

Freeze protection bleed valve utilizes a temperature activated element which does not require any external source of power. The valve opens at 38, or 43 1/2F ( depending on model number) allowing the discharge of near freezing water which is replaced by warmer water. When this warmer water reaches the valve, the port closes. This cycle repeats as often as necessary. The amount of water dispensed depends mainly on ambient air temperature, make up water temperature, the duration of the cold spell and the number and size of collectors. The system is functioning properly when water is being discharged from the valve during near freezing conditions. For water to be discharged at the time of operation, system water pressure must be maintained. High temperature plastic body, 1/2" male threaded connection. 5/8"ID anti-siphon discharge port, 150 PSI maximum operating pressure.


Product Application: Solar Domestic Water Heating System

Function: Protects solar collectors and exposed piping from freezing 

Valve Features:

 Improved anti-seize design, no periodic replacement.
 Easily installed on existing systems
 150 PSI maximum operating pressure
 Corrosion resistant design
 FDA and NSF listed materials

 Available straight or 90 degree
 Discharge port for 1/2" plastic pipe or 5/8" ID hose
 1/2" male pipe thread inlet port for positive seal
 Tamper resistant design
 Nominal start to open temperature depending on Model ordered is:
38F for the FP-35  or 43 1/2F for the FP-45
 Completely mechanical operating principle
 High temperature UV stabilized non-metallic body material

 Ideal for backup freeze protection, improved design will not seize, needs no periodic replacement.


Available in your choice of either Straight Flow Thru or 90 Degree Elbow design.



Model Number Description Dimensions Weight Our Price
VTC-55545 Solar Biz 90deg elbow design valve 45F. 1/2 NPT Male 1 $65.97
VTC-55045 Solar Biz Straight flow design valve 45F. 1/2 NPT Male 1 $65.97
VTC-55535 Solar Biz 90deg elbow design valve 35F. 1/2 NPT Male 1 $65.97
VTC-55035 Solar Biz Straight flow design valve 35F. 1/2 NPT Male 1 $65.97



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