DC Fuses & DC Breakers


DC Breaker Box and Breakers                                                       


Got a real small DC only system and only need a few breakers?... here's your answer!  Here is very handy impossible to find item. It is a small DC/AC indoor breaker box.

Will accept 1 to 4 either DC or AC din rail mount breakers. 3/4-1 inch knockouts top and bottom. Small size 3" X 3" X 7"  Weight 2 Lbs. Rated for indoor use only. If you need a NEMA 3R Box for outside locations we offer a three and a six breaker box as a combiner for PV Modules. Order breakers separately. See below.

The 63 amp breakers listed below can be used with the Outback MX-60 Charge controller (2 are required). If you need to add another charge controller to your ever expanding system and were wondering where the breakers were going to go in your now full DC breaker box... here's your answer!

I have only listed the DC breakers below but, we also carry all the AC din rail mount breakers for the same price as the DC. Call 888-826-0939 with your needs.

 Item Number

Description Price
MNS-22507 Small Breaker Enclosure $35.97
MNS-910010 10 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC $13.97
MNS-910015 15 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC $13.97
MNS-910020 20 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC $13.97
MNS-910030 30Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC $13.97
MNS-910063 63 Amp Breaker din rail mount 150VDC $13.97


IPS Class T Fuse System                                                                   

The IPS® Class T Fuse Block is designed to provide code compliant over-current protection for mobile applications. It protects the battery bank, inverter and cables from damage caused by short circuits and overloads. It uses a fast acting, current limiting class T fuse cartridge which provides instantaneous protection in the event of a short circuit but also employs a time delay to allow momentary current surges common in inverter applications.

The Solar Biz, offers a complete line of IPS® class "T" fuse blocks. Available in 110, 200, 300, 350 and 400 amp models. IPS® fuse blocks are ideal in mobile applications where over-current protection is required for high current components such as inverters and chargers. A rugged GE Lexan®940 injection molded base and thermoformed Abex 700 ® ABS cover provide durability, easy installation and good looks all in a compact, cost effective package.

Fuses must be connected in the main positive battery cable between the battery bank and the Inverter, for all inverter installations, regardless of battery voltage. We offer these economical fuses and fuse holders as an alternative to expensive large breakers and breaker boxes.

We can offer substantial quantity discounts for 30 or more of these items call 888-826-0939 for pricing

Model Number
IPS-10002 110 Amp Fuse and Fuse Holder, stud type $49.97
IPS-10003 200 Amp Fuse and Fuse Holder, stud type $49.97
IPS-10004 300 Amp Fuse and Fuse Holder, stud type $59.97
IPS-10005 350 Amp Fuse and Fuse Holder, stud type $59.97
IPS-10006 400 Amp Fuse and Fuse Holder, stud type $59.97
IPS-21010 110 Amp Fuse only NO Holder $23.97
IPS-21011 200 Amp Fuse only NO Holder $23.97
IPS-21012 300 Amp Fuse only NO Holder $34.97
IPS-21013 350 Amp Fuse only NO Holder $34.97
IPS-21014 400 Amp Fuse only NO Holder $34.97


DC Rated Fuses                                                                                

Fuses Are Required ...on all wiring. If you aren't fused, your are risking a fire and perhaps an explosion. If you have insurance and have a fire you may not qualify for the insurance you paid for. If the claims adjuster finds wiring not to Code they cancel your insurance!

DC RATED FUSES Not all fuses are created equal. Yes... you may be able to save some money by purchasing AC fuses at the local hardware, or at some other electrical or marine outlet. But if you really want protection, use a fuse designed for DC systems, not AC. We offer these DC fuses exclusively.

Size for In-Rush Loads! These fast acting fuses can either bolt to your battery terminal or distribution lugs and provide the protection you need. Because they are fast acting, they must be sized for in-rush loads.

 Item Number

Description Price
APC-1133100 Fuse, 100 Amps $65.97
APC-1133150 Fuse, 150 Amps $65.97
APC-1133200 Fuse, 200 Amps $65.97
APC-1133300 Fuse, 300 Amps $75.97
APC-1133400 Fuse, 400 Amps $75.97
APC-1133500 Fuse, 500 Amps $75.97
APC-1133600 Fuse, 600 Amps $75.97
APC-1133800 Fuse, 800 Amps $79.97


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