Metlund Systems S-02T


The S-02T Series D¹MAND® Systems can be used with tank or tankless water heaters on standard plumbing or dedicated return lines in existing homes, new home construction, commercial OR INDUSTRIAL applications. At the push of a button or with a motion sensor in place the D¹MAND system activates and pumps the cool ambient temperature water back to the water heater saving both water and energy BY PREVENTING THE NEED TO BRING IN THE COLDEST WATER FROM THE STREET AT ABOUT 1/2 kWh PER GALLON PER DEGREE TO HEAT in the process. When A DELTA-T OF 8 DEGREES arrives at the system the built in Thermistor automatically shuts the pump off and closes the IFC Valve. Now you have hot water IN ABOUT TWO CUPS RATHER THAN GALLONS at the fixture and anywhere else plumbed off the main line.

S-02T models are designed for use in large homes or commercial buildings where the distance from the water heater to the farthest fixture is greater than 100 feet. The S-02T models carry a five year warranty and weigh 16 lbs. Dimensions are 16" wide, 9" deep, and 6½" tall.

MWS-10201 S-02T-PF Kit PRICE: $669.97  The patented D'MAND Circuit Board, pump with built in IFC valve, flanges, two copper “T” compression fittings, and two stainless steel flex-lines for easy installation.

MWS-10202 S-02T-PF-R Kit PRICE: $699.97  Same as S-02T-PF plus one remote control package.

MWS-10203 S-02T-PF-V-102 PRICE: $709.97  Same as S-02T-PF plus one hard-wired motion sensor.

MWS-10204 S-02T PRICE: $609.97  Patented D'MAND Circuit Board, pump with built in IFC valve, flanges and one hard wired button. For dedicated return lines. No check valve is required.


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