Metlund Systems S-50


The Metlund® S-Series converts standard plumbed homes into D'MAND® Systems. At the push of a button, the S-Series pumps cold water sitting in the hot water line into the cold water line and back to the water heater. The "off sensor" automatically shuts off the pump and closes the zone valve when hot water arrives at the system. Now you have hot water instantly at the fixture and anywhere else plumbed off of the main line.

The S-50 models are smaller pump systems designed for smaller homes. They weigh 6 lbs. Dimensions are 8" wide, 7½" deep, and 5½" tall.

The patented PDV (Check Valve) is built into the pump housing, reducing the number of external devices. The S-50 models are adequate for runs of under 50 feet. The S-50 models carry a three year warranty.

MWS-10501 S-50-PF Kit PRICE: $289.97 Patented D’MAND Controller and PDV (Check Valve). Two ½" threaded male adapters pre-assembled for easy installation, two copper “T” compression fittings, two stainless steel flex-lines, one hard-wired button. For runs under 50 feet.

MWS-10502 S-50-PF-R Kit PRICE: $319.97 Same as S-50-PF plus one remote control package.

MWS-10503 S-50-PF-V-102 PRICE: $349.97 New Product!  Same as S-50-PF plus one hard-wired motion sensor


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