Outback FM60 & FM80 Charge Controllers





Outback FlexMax-60 & FlexMAX 80 (MPPT) PV Charge Controllers 

The Outback FM60 & FM80 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers enable your PV system to achieve its highest possible performance.

FLEXmax 60 & FLEXmax 80: Now rated at output for 12 ,24, 36, or 48 volt battery charging. The FlexMax voltage set points are fully adjustable through out the entire range to allow for use with virtually any type of charging system.

The FLEXmax controllers also allow you to use a higher PV voltage up to 145 volts to charge 12, 24 or 48 Volt systems. This will allow you to site the PV array at a much greater distance from the batteries and will allow the use of smaller gauge wiring between the PV array and controller, saving you money.

The standard backlit display is 4 lines by 20 characters. This controller has consistently out performed all other MPPT controllers on the market.

Don't forget to order the RTS Remote temperature sensor. It makes the smartest MPPT controller on the market even smarter. This senses battery temperature so the controller can decide the optimal battery charge rate. Is this necessary?...YES!

Many of us are excited by the fact that the FlexMax 60 & 80 will accept a 72 volt nominal array, giving us a nice margin of flexibility for the placement of our solar modules...but did you know that cold temperatures affect whether or not you will be able to utilize this feature at you particular location?

It's a complex calculation based on the VOC of the type of modules you anticipate using, the typical low temperatures you see (particularly at sunrise) and the nominal array voltage you wish to use for your system.

Usually the higher array voltage the better because, you utilize smaller wire, and because the MX60 likes a higher input vs. output voltage. Like a 48 volt array and a 24 volt battery bank, or a 72 volt array and a 48 volt battery bank. But before you commit to any particular voltage choice... There are electrical limits you cannot safely exceed. We have seen a number of smoked FLEXmax controllers...  have the calculation done!

Call either Patty or Tom at 888-826-0939 and we'll be happy to work out this calculation for you, and while you are at it, we can do your wire sizing calculations as well. This service is always free to our customers.

Model Number Description Price
OBP-16001 Flex Max 60 Charge Controller CLICK FOR PRICE
OBP-16003 Flex Max 80 amp Outback Charge Controller. CLICK FOR PRICE
OBP-16002 Remote Temperature Sensor CLICK FOR PRICE


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