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OutBack PSR Power System Rack                                    

OutBack Power Systems introduces a new idea - a combined battery cabinet and system component rack that is changing how renewable energy systems are installed. The PSR saves time, money and space by combining the batteries, disconnects, overcurrent protection devices and even the inverter/charger into a single enclosure. The PSR is shipped knocked down for ease of shipment, storage and installation. The PSR is also available frame only (PSR-FO) or insulated rainproof outdoor version (PSR-3R)


Standard Features and Components

          ETL listed indoor powder coated steel enclosure with internal support frame, shelves and removable side/top panels (PSR version)

          Holds up to twelve Group 27/31, eight T105, four L16, or even four 8D type batteries

          Shipped knocked down for easy shipping and storage electric screwdriver bit tool included

          All sides and top can be removed with conduit attached on the PSR and PSR-3R versions

          Includes DC breaker bracket which holds up to five small breakers and one large breaker

          Easily connected to various power inverters or the OutBack PSDC via 2 conduit

          Available with or without the circuit breakers included easily added option in the field

          PSRs can be directly mated end to end for large storage battery systems


OB/PSR Power System Rack Discontinued, Click here for alterative items

OB/PSR-FO Power System Rack Frame Only Discontinued, Click here for alterative items

43 high x 34 wide x 17 deep PSR shipping weight:  110 lbs

Click Here to view several configurations of the PSR


Optional Components

          PSR-SK - Additional shelf kit for use with more batteries or components

          One OBDC-100, 175 or 250 DC breaker for disconnecting the inverter/battery system

          OBDC-60 - PV array disconnect 60 amp DC

          OBDC-GFP/2 - Dual circuit 60 amp PV ground fault protection system for one or two PV controllers (only one OBDC-GFP/2 fits)

          OBDC15 and OBDC-30 breakers for DC loads

          PSR-SZ4 - Seismic zone 4 Kit to meet UBC earthquake safety requirements

          PSR-SCT - Spill Containment Tray for one shelf holds up to four Group 31, T105 or L16 batteries or one 8D battery

Molded Green Polyethylene plastic

         PSR-HDT - Heavy Duty Top for mounting an SW series inverter directly on top of a PSR cabinet indoor use only

         PSR-BCK Breaker cover kit for PSR only

          PSR-MP - Mounting plate for components such as inverters or PV charge controllers

Part Number Battery Racks and Hardware
 PSR-SK Shelf Kit for System Rack Discontinued, Click here for alterative items
 PSR-HDT Heavy Duty Top for System Rack Discontinued, Click here for alterative items
 PSR-SZ4 Seismic Kit for Zone 4 Discontinued, Click here for alterative items
 PSR-BCK Circuit Breaker Cover for System Rack Discontinued, Click here for alterative items
 PSR-SCT Spill Containment Tray Discontinued, Click here for alterative items

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