Pool and SPA Heaters


Aquasol Pool & Spa Solar Collectors

Made of polypropylene copolymer with UV inhibitors and antioxidants and are resistant to UV damage and corrosion from chlorinated water.

Collectors have a 10 year limited warranty.  The following packaged systems include collectors, panel kits, system kit, electronic control, ball valves, check valves, and flow meters.

bulletInstallation manuals are supplied for easy installation.
bulletFigure collectors at half the square footage of pool square footage.
bulletWe can supply collectors in three different sizes: 4'x8', 4'x10' and 4'x12'. Price will vary for a different number or size of collectors. Please call for a quote.

Price does not include shipping

Model Number Description Ship Wt. (lbs) Price
1800A Complete System with 320 sq. ft. of Collectors for a 640 sq. ft. pool
8, 4X10 Collectors
350 $2029.97
1801A Complete System with 400 sq. ft. of Collectors for a 800 sq. ft. pool
10, 4X10 Collectors
380 $2319.97
1802A Complete System with 480 sq. ft. of Collectors for a 960 sq. ft. pool
12, 4X10 Collectors
420 $2679.97


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