Sunny Boy 2500 Utility Grid Tie Inverter





Sunny Boy 2500 Utility Grid Tie Inverter                            

These well made units are manufactured by  SMA in Germany they are currently the state-of-the-art available. The Sunny Boy inverter allows for modular system design.

One high voltage series string of solar modules is connected to each inverter, vastly simplifying design and installation. This results in no mismatching from parallel connections and Maximum Power Point Tracking for every series string.

System expansion is easy - just add more inverters and series strings of solar modules. (The largest system to date uses 569 Sunny Boy inverters on a single building!) This modular approach results in a cost effective way to build large systems. Sunny Boy requires approximately 11 modules of a nominal 24 VDC connected in series.
This number may change for different climates. Please
contact us for more specific information concerning your region.


New Lower Prices

SMA Model Description PRICE
Sunny Boy 2500UL
Utility Grid Tie Inverter
(Without Display) $1999.97
Sunny Boy2500SBU
Utility Grid Tie Inverter
(With Display) $2199.97
600 VDC Disconnect (Between array and inverter.
Required by code)
Sunny Boy Control Lite $479.97
Sunny Boy Control Standard $799.97
Sunny Boy Control Plus $1729.97
SMA RS-232N RS-232 Data Port $139.97


The Sunny Boy 2500 has a peak efficiency of more than 94%. It will accept a maximum of 3,300 watts (or 11 amps), of PV power. Housed in a watertight stainless steel outdoor enclosure, the Sunny Boy operates in extreme conditions (ambient temperatures of -25 C to +60 C). It can even be mounted right on the roof with the modules! You can combine 18 to 24, 12 volt nominal solar modules to make up a series string. Since the solar modules are arranged in high voltage arrays (275 - 550 volts DC), these systems must be installed by a qualified electrician. The Sunny Boy is a high quality, reliable intertie inverter at a great purchase price whose design minimizes installation costs.

Sunny Boy system diagnosis and control can be transmitted to your PC via the AC power line using the optional Power Line Carrie Modem and is accessed through free Windows software. RS-232 and RS-485 communications modules also available. Additional control options are available for large systems. Optional Display can be user installed or purchased pre-installed.

General Data


434 x 295 x 214 mm
17.1" x 11.6" x 8.4"

Weight (approx.)

34 kg (75 lbs. approx.)

5 Year Warranty

UL Listed


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