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            March                                      Hartell                                 Ivan, EL SID

High efficiency brass magnetic drive pumps for solar water heating, hydronic heating, and more. Very dependable long running continuous duty pumps. We've used them around here for years without a problem. Great for hot tub filtration too. Models for 12 and 24 volt applications, PV Panel direct and Battery applications, Brushless and Brush types.

DC HOT WATER CIRCULATING PUMPS                             


For solar water heating (PV-direct)

For hydronic heating (using battery)


Magnetic drive Brushless motors Over current Protection Temperature and Pressure Limits


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MAR-13016 March 809 HS BR 12Volt 1/25Hp Brushless/Battery
MAR-13017 March 809 HS BR 24 Volt 1/25Hp Bronze
MAR-13018 March 809 HS BR 12 Volt 1/25Hp Bronze
MAR-13019 March 809 BR 12 Volt 1/100Hp Bronze
MAR-13020 March 809 BR 24 Volt 1/100Hp Bronze
MAR-13130 March Replacement Brush (2 Required) 12 Volt BR/HS EACH
IVN-13011 Ivan-El Cid Brushless 2.5GPM PV Direct for 5 Watt Module
IVN-13012 Ivan-El Cid Brushless 3.3GPM PV Direct for 10 Watt Module
IVN-13013 Ivan-El Cid Brushless 5.0GPM PV Direct for 20 Watt Module
IVN-13014 Ivan-El Cid Brushless 3.3GPM EL SID 10B-12V battery model pump
IVN-13015 Ivan-El Cid Brushless 3.3GPM EL SID 10B-24V battery model pump
IVN-14521 2W2Delta Controller for 12 Volt Battery Pumps
IVN-14522 2W2Delta Controller for 24 Volt Battery Pumps
HRT-13009 Hartell Brushless MD-10-HEH Brass for PV Direct 18 to 22 Watt Module
HRT-13010 Hartell Brushless MD-17-HEH Brass for PV Direct


We have been working with solar energy & battery systems since 1969... Over Four Decades.

Forty Four Years Experience!!


Our Solar Panel Prices are The Best on The Planet


Why you can't  buy our solar energy products with a "buy it" button.

If you think you find a better price anywhere, call us before you buy.

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