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We have been in the battery business since 1968 - Forty Nine years. Please give us a call Toll Free 888-826-0939 if you have questions or need any assistance whatsoever.

You really can't make a better choice than these batteries, we use them here at Solar Biz New Mexico to power our offices and our house, they never miss a beat. We're not saying that these are the best batteries in the world, there are certainly equals, but there are none better.

You do have to tend to the care and feeding of these babies, as they are expensive and even unintentional lack of care could ruin them.

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HuP Solar-One


The custom made long life battery system for renewable energy users.

Like many other technological breakthroughs, HuP (High Utilization Positive) was created in response to another need.  Patented in 1982, its original objective was to meet tough new environmental standards, and help eliminate lead dust from the battery manufacturing plant.  But it was discovered during initial testing that the HuP exhibited cycling capabilities well in excess of conventional batteries. 

These impressive findings led to HuP being selected for use as "load leveling" at the Southern California Edison Company's Chino power facility in 1987.  Since going on-line, the 10 megawatt HuP battery system has proven to be 100% reliable in meeting daily deep cycle requirements.  This continued enhanced performance led engineers at General Battery/Hertner to develop HUP for yet another application: motive power. 

In 1991, HUP proved its mettle under extreme conditions in Operation Desert Storm, where it was used in materials handling vehicles delivering 10.5 million tons of supplies and equipment.  Now you too can enjoy the benefits of the proven HUP Technology in your Renewable Energy System.



We have been getting a lot of telephone calls lately from our customers here at The Solar Biz about the or some similar name web site supposedly selling the HuP Solar One battery at what looks to be a real discounted price.

We can assure you it is not a REAL HuP Solar One on their site, it is not even made by the same company and, if you look at the specs on this imposter battery you will see that it is not even the same size, what's more it only has a five year pro-rated warranty... why? Because it is just a fork-lift battery. A fork-lift battery! It is not made for solar applications and it surely will not last you 20 years like the REAL HuP Solar One battery.

These guys are trying to pawn off a forklift battery to unsuspecting new battery buyers by using a confusingly similar name to the HuP Solar One because our battery is built like a rock and enjoys the best reputation in the industry.

I had a fellow call me in tears who bought one of these fake batteries in 48 volt and he wanted to put it in his basement but when it arrived it was a solid unit weighing over two tons! He initially had called me to complain that the battery on our web site had removable cells in our picture (see left) but the one he got didn't. I sadly assured him it was a fake and not the real HuP Solar One and it did not come from us.

Don't you get fooled too! You may not get what you pay for!



  • 2100 80% deep cycles over 10-year warranted service life. 4000 50% deep cycles.

  • 10 year warranty - 7 years free replacement + 3 years prorated... The Best Warranty in the Industry!

  • Slightly enlarged epoxy coated steel case and portable (but real heavy) cells

  • Lifetime jar-to-cover  heat seal guarantee

  • Lead plated copper inter-cell connectors with stainless steel connecting hardware

  • FREE FREIGHT* in continental (48) United States

  • ISO-9000 Certified manufacturing plants and process

    *Does Free Freight mean that the HuP Solar-One will be delivered to my door?

    Not necessarily. Free shipping means the battery will be shipped from the factory to the nearest business  with a forklift or loading dock (building supply, hardware store etc.), or your nearest truck terminal. In order to efficiently ship the HuP Solar-One the trucking company used by the factory needs to know what to expect on the receiving end. They will not ship residential and they make no exceptions!


  • More cycles mean longer Renewable Energy life compared to other batteries

  • Best  warranty in the Renewable Energy industry

  • Easy on site cell assembly in any location

  • Added protection for your battery investment

  • Quality connectors maximize energy transfer, reduce corrosion, and maintenance

  • Lower cost

  • Assures you of batteries made to the highest international quality standards



  • 10 Year Warranty (7 years free replacement - 3 years prorated) See Full Warranty
  • Designed and Warranted cycles to  80% DOD - 2100  Over 10 Years.
  • Estimated real-life charge/discharge cycles to 50% Depth of Discharge - 4000 Cycles
  • Battery Type - Flooded Lead-Acid
  • Positive Plate - Tetrafluoroethylene (Teflon®) /Lead Antimony
  • Post-to-Cover Seal - Burned Post to Cover
  • Cell "Jar" Material - Injection Molded Polypropylene
  • Cell Cover Material - Polypropylene
  • Can Material - Epoxy Coated Steel
  • Inter-cell Connectors - Lead-Plated Copper Rated @ 700 Amps
  • Specific Gravity @ 77°F - 1.285-1.275 100% Charged  1.160 80% Discharged

Model # Breakdown
SO =
Solar One
6 =
6 cells per can
85 =
85 amps per positive plate
17 =
17 plates total (8 pos. & 9 neg.)

This photo at left shows a 24 volt SO-6-85-17/24 HuP Solar-One. Notice how one of the 12 cells has been removed from the epoxy coated steel container.

The cell lifting strap shown is provided with the battery along with an owners manual, a 10 year maintenance logbook.

Weight: 1540 lbs.
Dimensions: 40"L x 15.5"W x 25" H




  • Dry charged units are absolutely not available.

  • Export Crating is available at 8% over the invoiced cost of the total battery shipment.

Acid Spill Absorber & Neutralizer                                           


This amazing product is way beyond anything else on the market you could use. For years all we had to recommend to folks was to sprinkle baking soda on the floor underneath their battery installation. The result was marginal at best.

Now you can spread our acid spill absorber & neutralizer with confidence that any spill will be contained and neutralized. The formula changes color when acid is present and then changes color again when the acid is neutralized. No guessing that it worked... you see visual proof it has done its job. We sell the 8 pound bottle which should be enough for the life of your batteries.

We recommend spreading the formula on the floor under your protective floor mat and then on top of the mat as well. Then place you batteries directly on the formula. Or in the case of HuP Solar One batteries also sprinkle into the bottom of the cans as well. Any spillage will be quickly absorbed and neutralized.

  • Ultra Polymer Absorber is safe and non hazardous.

  • Sweeps up clean and dry not dusty like kitty litter.

  • Specifically formulated to neutralize Sulfuric Acid

  • Does NOT create asphyxiating Carbon Dioxide Gas

Part Number TSB-510130 Click For Price

QuickCote+ Protective Compound                                           

QuickCote+ Protective compound for battery terminals and connections.  Special Formula seals terminals and connections against corrosion, moisture, dirt and oil.

Brush on application stays put, won't drip of evaporate. Use on all exposed electrical terminals and connections. Also prevents seizing of fasteners.

8 Ounce Can with Applicator Brush, will coat one HuP Solar One 12 volt battery, for 24 volt order two cans and for 48 volt three cans will do fine.


Part Number TSB-06023 Click For Price

Floor Protective Battery Mat                                                      

Everybody who sets up a battery system always asks... What should I put under my batteries to protect my floor?

Here's the answer... Our acid absorbing battery mat! We sell it in a convenient 3 foot by 10 foot roll. A perfect size for most battery installations. Can be cut to size.

In anticipation of a battery spill we spread TSB-510130 Acid Spill Absorber and Neutralizer under the batteries (on top of the mat) to neutralize acid and then shop-vac to remove the neutralized spill and reuse mat again. Will last the life of many battery installations. Much cheaper than a truck bed mat, which doesn't absorb anything anyhow.

  • Mat absorbs Acid but won't leak through tough Polypropylene backing.

  • Electrically isolates batteries, preventing parasitic discharge.

  • Use over and over again.

  • Protects floors and equipment from acid corrosion.

Part Number TSB-510170 Click For Price

Eyewash Station                                                                           

Setting up a renewable energy battery system? Don't forget this most important item! I recommend placing our Eyewash Station where you can easily find it blind, if you get acid in your eyes. Just grab the bottle of sterile eyewash and irrigate your eyes. You can't buy new eyes... This is the most important part of your battery system get one now, don't risk your precious eyes.




Part Number TSB-510521 Click For Price

HuP. Solar-One Battery Pricing                                          



Solar Biz 12 Volt HuP. Solar-One Pricing

Model#/Volts 12V Rated A/H Usable A/H Rated
DOD Cycles Cells LxWxH
in inches
Lbs. Price
NWE-11712 845 676 10,140 80% 2100 6 40X7.75X25 742 Click for Price
NWE-11912 950 860 11,400 80% 2100 6 40X8.55X25 808 Click for Price
NWE-12112 1055 884 12,660 80% 2100 6 40X8.75X25 880 Click for Price
NWE-12312 1160 928 13,920 80% 2100 6 40X9.00X25 959 Click for Price
NWE-12512 1270 966 15,240 80% 2100 6 40X10.25X25 1036 Click for Price
NWE-12712 1375 1100 16,500 80% 2100 6 40X11.25X25 1102 Click for Price
NWE-13112 1585 1268 19,020 80% 2100 6 40X12.75X25 1252 Click for Price
NWE-13312 1690 1352 20,280 80% 2100 6 40X13.5X25 1336 Click for Price
NWE-13212 1990 1592 23,880 80% 2100 6 40X13.5X28 1550 Click for Price



Solar Biz 24 Volt HuP. Solar-One Pricing

Click for Price

Model#/Volts 24V Rated A/H Usable A/H Rated
DOD Cycles Cells LxWxH
in inches
Lbs. Price
NWE-21724 845 676 20,280 80% 2100 12 80X7.75X25 or 40X15.5X25 1484 Click for Price
NWE-21924 950 860 22,800 80% 2100 12 80X8.55X25 or 40x17.1x25 1616 Click for Price
NWE-22124 1055 884 25,320 80% 2100 12 80x8.75x25 or 40x17.5x25 1760 Click for Price
NWE-22324 1160 928 27,840 80% 2100 12 80x9.00x25 or 40x18.00x25 1918 Click for Price
NWE-22524 1270 966 30,480 80% 2100 12 80X10.25x25 or 40x20.5x25 2072 Click for Price
NWE-22724 1375 1100 33,000 80% 2100 12 80x11.25x25 or 40x22.5x25 2204 Click for Price
NWE-23124 1585 1268 38,040 80% 2100 12 80x12.75x25 or 40x25.5x25 2504 Click for Price
NWE-23324 1690 1352 40,360 80% 2100 12 80x13.5x25 or 40x27.0x25 2672 Click for Price
NWE-23424 1990 1592 47,760 80% 2100 12 80x13.5x28 or 40x27.0x28 3100 Click for Price





Solar Biz 48 Volt HuP. Solar-One Pricing

Model#/Volts 48V Rated A/H Usable A/H Rated
DOD Cycles Cells LxWxH
in inches
Lbs. Price
NWE-41748 845 676 40,560 80% 2100 24 160X7.75X25 or 80X15.5X25 or 40x31x25 2968 Click For Price
NWE-41948 950 860 45,600 80% 2100 24 160X8.55X25 or 80x17.1x25 or 40x34.2x25 3232 Click For Price
NWE-42148 1055 884 50,640 80% 2100 24 160x8.75x25 or 80x18x25 or 40x36x25 3520 Click For Price
NWE-42348 1160 928 55,680 80% 2100 24 160x9.00x25 or 80x18x25 or 40x36.00x25 3836 Click For Price
NWE-42548 1270 966 60,960 80% 2100 24 160X10.25x25 or 80x20.5x25 or 40x41.1x25 4144 Click For Price
NWE-42748 1375 1100 66,000 80% 2100 24 160x11.25x25 or 80x22.5x25 or 40x45.0x25 4408 Click For Price
NWE-43148 1585 1268 76,080 80% 2100 24 160x12.75x25 or 80x25.5x25 or 40x51.0x25 5008 Click For Price
NWE-43348 1690 1352 81,120 80% 2100 24 160x13.5x25 or 80x27.0x25 or 40x54.0x25 5344 Click For Price
NWE-43349 1990 1592 95,520 80% 2100 24 160x13.5x28 or 80x27.0x28 or 40x54.0x28 6200 Click For Price

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California Proposition 65 Warning
Battery posts, terminal, and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.