Heliodyne Solar Collectors                                         

Liquid flat plate collectors designed for heating of:

•  Domestic and commercial hot water
•  Homes, Offices, Warehouses
•  Pools, residential and commercial
•  Industrial process water
•  Waste water
•  Cooling with absorption chillers


Model GOBI                       
Gobi 410     4X10             40.3 sq.ft.  Click here for Alternatives  
Gobi 408     4X8               32.3 sq.ft.  Click here for Alternatives
Gobi 3366   3.63X7.38     26.8 sq.ft.  Click here for Alternatives


Named for the Harshest Desert
Rugged like the greatest desert for which it is named.

Built to Last
Sturdiest built collector with compression-fitted glass seal.

G-O-B-I = Great-Output-Best-Investment

Skylight Appearance
Elegant tapered frame, a hallmark of Heliodyne in over twenty years, graces any home.

Dyn-0-Seal Union No-Solder Interconnections
Speedy and safe installation without soldering.

A Trim Groove for the Most Demanding
Permits trim between Gobi for looks and no snow buildup.

The Stackable Collector
Unique nest-and-lock construction for safe transport.

A Serviceable Collector
Easy to disassemble without cutting, unsoldering, for reroofing ease.

Description and Operation

This liquid flat plate collector is designed to absorb solar radiation. The solar radiation is converted into heat on the inner all-copper absorber.

The copper tubes attached to the absorber contain a liquid, either water or a water antifreeze mix, which transports the heat to storage, either a solar tank or a water heater. This process continues until the tank is hot for evening and morning use whenever enough sun is available.

The Gobi collector features an attractive and permanent frame that is designed for good looks as well as weather resistance in both very hot and cold regions. Because of its special absorber coating, the Gobi operates efficiently also in the winter for year-round hot water production.

Heliodyne offers the easiest mounting hardware, modular kits for for sloped roofs and tilt-up racks for flat roofs or ground installations. Other components are required for a complete system to transport the heat to storage and assure its freeze protection.

Please check the complete system packages available from The Solar Biz.

Made in the USA

Certified in US, Europe
High SRCC, FSEC, SPF, TÜV, ÖKO-TEST performance

Plumbing Valve Installation Kits                                        

Two Way System Valve Kit

Provides system operation in two modes: Solar Pre-Heat and Solar By-pass.




1 150 PSI Pressure Relief Valve
3 Bronze "T" Fittings
2 Bronze Boiler Drains
1 Bronze 3-way Ball Valve
1 Bronze 2-way Ball Valve

Two Way System Click Here

With Sparcomix Anti-scald Valve Click Here

Three Way System Valve Kit

Provides system operation in three modes: Solar Pre-Heat, Solar By-pass and Solar Direct.




1 150 PSI Pressure Relief Valve
3 Bronze "T" Fittings
2 Bronze Boiler Drains
2 Bronze 3-way Ball Valve
1 Bronze 2-way Ball Valve

Three Way System Click Here

With Sparcomix Anti-scald Valve Click Here

Plumbing Valve Components Available Separately                                         

Description PRICE
Sparcomix Anti-Scald Valve Click Here
150 PSI Pressure Relief Valve Click Here
Vacuum Breaker Click Here
3-Way Bronze Ball Valve Click Here
2-Way Bronze Ball Valve Click Here
Bronze Boiler Drain Click Here
Bronze "T" Fitting Click Here
Pipe Flashing Kit Click Here


Eaton/Dole Freeze Protection Valves                                

Freeze protection bleed valve utilizes a temperature activated element which does not require any external source of power. The valve opens at 38°, or 43 1/2°F allowing the discharge of near freezing water which is replaced by warmer water. When this warmer water reaches the valve, the port closes. This cycle repeats as often as necessary. High temperature plastic body, 1/2" brass male threaded connection. 5/8"ID anti-siphon discharge port, 150 PSI maximum operating pressure.


Model Number Description Dimensions Weight Our Price
FP-45 Eaton/Dole Freeze Protection Valve 45°F. 3/4 NPT Male 1 Click Here for Alternatives
FP-35 Eaton/Dole Freeze Protection Valve 35°F. 3/4 NPT Male 1 Click Here for Alternatives

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