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In the continuing saga of "What happened to the Trace employees and engineers when Xantrex bought Trace?" Well we know some went on to start Outback Power.  Another group of the old Trace engineers and employees went north...a little... to Everett WA and started Magnum Energy.  They have been designing and manufacturing - Made in the USA - Inverters and accessories for the RV, Marine and Over-the-road Truck markets.

They now have a new line of reasonably priced Off-Grid 24 volt and 48 volt Inverters as well.  Two of this series inverters will produce both 120 and 240 volt AC making them ideal for off grid applications where there is a 220 volt well pump.

In a world filled to the breaking point with cheap Chinese products it's refreshing to see products with the Made in USA label. It's also comforting to know that these same folks have been designing inverters for several decades.

Also some of the key players at OUTBACK Power have left there, and have now joined in the mix... With plans for new units in the future... knowing these guys... I'm sure we'll see the next generation of high quality inverters now coming from Magnum Energy.

With over 70 years of combined inverter design and manufacturing experience, Magnum Energy has incorporated new design and manufacturing techniques to build some of the industries most reliable and advanced inverter chargers designed specifically for RV use.

State of the art battery charger design using power factor correction techniques, innovative first in modified sine wave platforms. Magnum's unique die-cast aluminum base allows full ratings up to 45C for superior high temperature operation.

All products are manufactured locally in their 15,000 square foot facility based in Everett, Washington, using the highest quality components.

Magnum MS PAE 120/240 Volt Pure Sine Wave Inverter          

MS-PAE Series Pure sine wave power produces two legs of 120 volt AC for a complete power system, in a single inverter  Competitively priced MS-PAE Series is available in 4000 watts 24 volt and 4400 watts 48 volt models.

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Magnum MS Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter                              

MS-Series Pure sine wave power for both mobile and off grid applications. Competitively priced MS-Series is available in 2800 watt 12 volt and 2000 and 4000 watt 24 volt models.

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MS Series Data Sheet

Magnum ME Series Inverter                                                       

Designed for mobile applications in RV, marine and truck Markets. Listed to UL 458 Standards the ME-Series is the easiest inverter/charger to install and operate on the market. Competitively priced ME-Series is available in 2000, 2500, and 3100 watt models.

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ME Series Data Sheet

Magnum RD Series Inverter                                                       

Designed for off grid and solar applications where 24 volt input is common. The RD-Series uses the same construction as the ME-Series unit without a neutral bonding relay. Available in 1800, 2800, and 3900 watt models.

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RD Series Data Sheet

Magnum MM Series Inverter/Charger

MM Series small inverters from Magnum Energy -- A new generation inverter designed to accommodate entertainment systems and small appliances in smaller RVs, boats and cabins in an all new design.

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MM Series Data Sheet

Magnum Accessories


Part Number Accessory Description PRICE
MEI-99001 ME 300F. Magnum 300 Amp Fuse Block Assembly Click for Pricing
MEI-99002 ME 400F. Magnum 400 Amp Fuse Block Assembly Click for Pricing
MEI-99003 ME-AGS. Magnum Automatic Generator Start Module w/ voltage and temp start Click for Pricing
MEI-99004 ME-DCLD. DC Load Disconnect - Pigtail adapter for 12 volt DC Load Disconnect feature Click for Pricing
MEI-99005 ME-ISW. Ignition Switch Lockout - Pigtail adapter for 12 volt Ignition Switch Lockout feature Click for Pricing
MEI-99050 ME-RC50. Digital LCD display Remote Panel with 50' cable Click for Pricing
MEI-99007 MM-R25. 3 LED Remote with 25' cable - use with MM 612 only Click for Pricing
MEI-99008 MM-RC25. 6 LED Remote with 25' cable - use with MM 612AE, MM 1212 and MM 1212AE Click for Pricing
MEI-99009 ME-RSA. Remote Switch Adapter - Pigtail adapter for remote switch, spst Click for Pricing
MEI-99010 ME-RSA-M. Remote Switch Adapter - Pigtail adapter for remote switch, momentary Click for Pricing
MEI-99011 ME-SSI. Series Stacking Interface - fits RD and MS Series only Click for Pricing


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