MidNite Solar E-Panel for Schneider XW Inverter Systems


Schneider XW System -The Next Generation

MidNite Solar E-Panel for Schneider's XW Series Inverter System             


Here we have everything in one box. A classy alternative to the Xantrex XW Conduit Box and the Distribution Panel.  Features: 250 amp inverter battery breaker, 2 separate AC inputs for generator and utility, knockouts for up to seven din rail mount DC breakers and six panel mount breakers.

Massive tin plated copper bus bars directly connect to the XWs battery terminals, bus bars for AC inputs, AC output, neutral, ground, PV + in, PVin, Bat +, Bat-, 500 amp shunt, metal dead front behind the reversible door,

Charge controllers can mount to either side or both sides at once for dual controllers if possible by controller. AC bypass can be configured as input & output on/off as well as AC bypass. The New Xantrex XW MPPT charge controller mounts on the right only (pictured)  and requires no mounting bracket.

 Size of E-Panel: 16 wide, 18 tall, 8" deep.

NOTE: The Xantrex XW and the Apollo controllers only mount to the right side

MNS-30000 250XW E-panel for Schneider XW Series Inverter  CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Schneider's XW System -The Next Generation

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