Schneider XW Connection Kit for 2nd Inverter



Schneider's XW  Inverter System -The Next Generation

Schneider XW Connection Kit for Additional Inverter                                

The XW Connection Kit is a wiring kit and conduit box used to connect additional inverters into an XW Power Distribution Panel. All wires are measured, pre-cut and labeled to facilitate easy installation

Schneider's XW Connection Kit includes:

XW Conduit Box with raceway barriers and cable strap connection points.  Three 60 A, 120/240 Vac, 2-pole, Square-D, Type QOU, Din-Rail mountable, AC breakers (includes bypass plate).  #6 AWG AC wiring to connect the inverter to the AC breakers (includes 4 conduit bushings). Four Power Distribution Bars (replaces factory-installed bars).  One GJ250A 160 Vdc, 3/8" stud DC breaker. One Bus Bar for DC positive. One pair #4/0 AWG battery cables. AC Sync and Xanbus cables.

Interfaces with:
XW4024, XW4548, XW6048 Inverter/Charger(s), XW Power Distribution Panel

XAN-13015 Schneider XW Connection Kit for Inverter #2 CLICK HERE FOR PRICING

Schneider's XW  Inverter System -The Next Generation

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