Energy Saving Small Appliances



DC Ventilation Fans


Comes with three-wing aluminum blades and mounted in a square steel venturi; may be used in greenhouses, barns, attics, kennels, etc. They can run from a 12V battery or directly from PV modules. Order Modules separately




Use SX20M Module for the 1612 Model.


Use SX10M Module for the 1212 Model.


The solar attic fan includes it's own module.


Model Number Description Voltage Amperage Air Movement  Price
1612 Intake/Exhaust fan 16" 12VDC 1.1A 1000CFM $169.97
1212 Intake/Exhaust fan 12" 12VDC 0.5A 450CFM $159.97
86009 Solar Attic Fan w/solar module, roof mount 12VDC 1.2A 1100CFM $379.97

Evaporative Coolers

SOLAR CHILL Stainless Steel Evaporative cooler cools air and filters out dust and pollen. Uses a new spray-maker design and a high efficiency trouble-free pump. The filter will not promote bacterial growth or odor. The units operate on a 12V or 24V battery or 60 to 150 watt PV modules. Various Sizes available Wt. 30 to 90 Lbs. Peak outputs 800CFM to 5200CFM, One year limited warranty.

Recommended only for climates with average relative humidity less than 75%.





bulletTo calculate the size cooler you need:  Use 3CFM per sq.ft. of space to be cooled.
bulletHP stands for High Performance Model.
bulletAll coolers have an additional crating fee of $15 to $35.
bulletPrices do not include shipping and handling.
bullet Coolers run from a 12V or 24 V battery system  Order Modules separately
bulletIf units will run off batteries, further controls and accessories are required, please call for assistance in ordering.
bulletAll units will require some ductwork and louvers for either window or roof installation.

110 Volt AC adapters 12 volt DC 15 Amp available PRICE $123.97

KarKools and New 120VAC and 240VAC units now available.

Model Number Description Actual Watts Recommended PV panel watts Cool Price
1412XP 1150CFM, 12Volt 14"Fan 38 to 52 60 to 80 watts $529.97
2012HP 2000CFM, 12Volt 20"Fan 53 to 73 85 to 130 watts $659.97
2024HP 2200CFM, 24Volt 20"Fan 70 85 to 130 watts $669.97
2412HP 4000CFM, 12Volt 24"Fan 80 to 120 120 to 200 watts $879.97
2424HP 4000CFM, 24Volt 24"Fan 105 100 to 120 watts $919.97
2-2024HP 4400CFM, 24Volt Dual 20"Fans 130 150 to 240 watts $1079.97