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“I'd put my money on solar energy… I hope we don't have to wait 'til oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

—Thomas Edison, in conversation with Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone, March 1931


For many years we had exclusively carried only one brand of solar module. thirteen years ago we expanded our offerings to include established solar manufacturing companies that we knew made excellent modules that would be around long enough to bring you thru the warranty period. We have chosen to sell only those manufacturers that produce high quality modules that we can promote and feel sure about.

If you need them we can get you Chinese modules...There are several reputable Chinese manufacturers, Canadian Solar, Yingli, Trina Solar and Conergy make good quality modules and are available.

 We are however seriously concerned about, both product quality and viability of the huge number of new Chinese module companies all claiming to be the world leader in solar. So we tend to shy away. Call and ask us why.

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Solar Panels                                                                                   

All of our Solar Panels are brand new first line... we do not sell seconds, blemished, overstocked returns, repaired or otherwise questionable modules. We are one of the largest volume distributors on the internet. Our prices may look too good to be true, they're not... they're just great prices.

Why don't we sell blems? In conversations with manufacturers, they expect blems will not last as long as the first line modules, period. We just don't think they are as good a deal as they seem. Why?

Determining the actual output of a questionable module is not as easy as you would expect. Most consumers will not be able to tell if they have a warranty issue or not, and probably not file a warranty claim out of ignorance. Good for them, not so good for you. A 20% reduction in output means you paid 20% more per watt than you thought you did! Now the cheap price isn't so cheap, is it?

There are even scrap modules (less than blems) out there too, with no UL listing at all, being sold as a private labeled module with a dealer warranty (not the manufacturer) and boy, are they cheap!  If you put one of these modules on your house you in effect cancel you house insurance! Don't think so? Just ask your insurance company about using non UL listed electrical equipment.

My dad used to say "buying anything, is like buying oats...if you want fresh clean oats, you have to pay a fair price but...if you can use the oats that have already been through the horse... you can get them cheap!"

We always have many other brands of Solar Modules not listed! If you don't see what you are looking for please ask Patty or Tom about other manufacturer's modules that we have available. For our main suppliers we now have Sharp (USA), Solar World (USA) and Mitsubishi (Japan) Solar Modules.

For up to the minute Pricing and Information on currently available Solar Panels


First Line SOLAR MODULES at the LOWEST Pricing in History!

BIG PROJECT?:  We have much lower pricing for larger projects.

Please call Patty or Tom at 888-895-7847  to verify pricing and availability.

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Peak Power Watts

 PMax  Voltage

L" x W" x D"

Lowest Prices Anywhere

SHARP 235 235 30.0 64.6 x 39.1 x 1.8 Click for Price
BP230T 230 29.1 65.6x39.4x1.97 Click for Price
REC 230PE 230 29.4 65.5 x 39.02 x 1.5 Click for Price
SHARP 230 230 30.3 64.6 x 39.1 x 1.8 Click for Price
BP225T 225 29.1 65.6x39.4x1.97 Click for Price
SHARP 224 224 29.28 64.6 x 39.1 x 1.8 Click for Price
SHARP 216 216 28.71 64.6 x 39.1 x 1.8 Click for Price
BP215T 215 29.1 65.6x39.4x1.97 Click for Price
EVERGREEN 210 210 18.7 65 x 37.5 x 1.8 Click for Price
SHARP 208 208 28.5 64.6 x 39.1 x 1.8 Click for Price
EVERGREEN 205ES-A 205 18.4 65 x 37.5 x 1.8 Click for Price
BP SX3200 200 24.5 66.1 x 32.9 x 1.97 Click for Price
*EVERGREEN 195ES-A 195 17.8

65 x 37.5 x 1.8

Click for Price
*EVERGREEN 195ES-A 195 17.8

65 x 37.5 x 1.8

Click for Price
Sanyo  HIP-195BA3 195 55.8

51.9 x 34.6 x 1.8

Click for Price

61.8 x 37.5 x 1.6

Click for Price
BP SX3190 190 24.4 66.1 x 32.9 x 1.97 Click for Price
EVERGREEN SPRUCE 190  190 26.7

61.8 x 37.5 x 1.6

Click for Price
Sanyo 186 Bifacial (double sided) Modules 186 54.8

53.2 x 35.3 x 2.3

Click for Price
Mitsubishi UD 185MF5     


24.4 65.3 x 32.8 x 2.0 Click for Price
BP 3175B 175 35.4 62.8 x 31.1 x 2.0 Click for Price
Mitsubishi UD 175MF5     


23.9 65.3 x 32.8 x 2.0 Click for Price
Yingli-175Wp 175 23.5 51.6 x 38.9 x 1.9 Click for Price
Sharp 175


175 35.4 62 x 32.5 x 1.8 Click for Price
Sharp 175


175 35.4 62 x 32.5 x 1.8 Click for Price
BP-SX170 170 35.0 62.8 x 31.1 x 2.0 Click for Price
Mitsubishi MF 165B3 165 24.2 62.2 x 31.5 x 1.8 Click for Price
BPSX-160B 160 34.4 62.8 x 31.1 x 2.0 Click for Price
  Mitsubishi  MF155EB3 155 23.4 62.2 x 31.5 x 1.8 Click for Price
SolarStar 140 140 27 57.7 x 26 x 1.97 Click for Price

Sharp ND-L3EJE 123



59.02 x 26.06 x 1.8

Click for Price



59.4 x 26.5 x1.97

Click for Price
BP 3115J



59.4 x 26.5 x 1.97

Click for Price
SolarStar 100



39.9 x 26.3 x 1.38

Click for Price




47.4 x 20.1 x 2.0

Click for Price



43.7 x 20.8 x 1.4

Click for Price



43.7 x 18.8 x 2.0

Click for Price




43.7 x 18.8 x 2.0

Click for Price
Uni-Solar US64 64 16.5 53.8 x 29.2 x 2.0 Click for Price
SolarStar-50 50 17.0 29.7 x 20.12 x 1.4 Click for Price
BP-350U 50 17.3 33.0 x 21.2 x 2.0 Click for Price
BP-340J 40 16.8 30.1 x 19.7 x 2.0 Click for Price




23.1 x 19.7 x 2.0

Click for Price




21.1 x 14.3 x .7

Click for Price




19.7 x 16.4 x 2.0

Click for Price
SolarStar-10 10 17.5 16.3 x 9.8 x .7 Click for Price
BPSX-310J 10 16.8 16.4 x 10.6 x 1 Click for Price
SolarStar 5 5 17.5 10.9 x 7.34 x .7 Click for Price
BPSX-5M 5 16.5 9.7 x 10.6 x 1 Click for Price
Module Pricing Does Not Include Shipping.

Please call Patty at 888-895-7847 to verify pricing and availability.


MC Connector Cable and Accessories for Solar Modules 

We custom make UL Listed MC cable in any length . We make these in "loops" with a Positive MC connector on one end and a Negative MC connector on the other.  To figure your cost for the UL Listed assembly, simply multiply the number of feet required and add a pair of installed MC Connectors.

 These cables are NOT intended to be used as supplied, rather they must be cut either to length, or in the middle of the loop, for insertion into a combiner box or other appropriate connection.

Stainless Steel Don't forget to order our impossible to find Stainless Steel cable clips to keep your module interconnect cables neatly connected to frames so they do not drop below the array. Stainless Steel Module wire clips will last forever, without corrosion. We don't recommend using plastic tie-wraps as they fall apart in sunlight in a very short time.

They are designed to hold one OR two USE-2 cables securely, with a specially designed tab to allow the use of a flathead screwdriver to aid in installation and removal of the clip.

Here's an idea who's time has come! It's the conduit transition entry box... Provides a simple array (MC Connector wire)  to ridged or flexible conduit wiring transition.

Simply enter your MC Connector cable (USE-2) into the box, make your connections to your THWN-2 wiring using your choice of wiring methods (see picture) either DIN rail-mounted connectors (internal DIN Rail provided), Wire Nut Connectors or Weatherproof Butt Splices, and you're done.

UV resistant two piece shell with a special seal for water-tight enclosure. Appropriate for Roof Mount, Top-of-pole Mounts and Ground Mount installations.

As of February 5th 2009 we're still waiting for UL approval of this box, so we cannot offer it for sale as yet... but it's coming!



Includes aluminum attaching bracket to mount box to the rack rail.


Available in two sizes: 


Part Number Description Price
SIS-55012 MC Cable 12 Gauge per foot for custom cable lengths Click for Price
SIS-55010 MC Cable 10 Gauge per foot for custom cable lengths Click for Price
SIS-5500* MC3 or MC4 Connector 10 or 12 Gauge Per Pair Installed Click for Price
WIE-60050 Stainless Steel Module Cable Clips Click for Price




Cold Fusing Shrink Tape                                                           

Black industrial grade cold fusing shrink tape, so heat is not required to shrink. Excellent for waterproofing the MC Connectors on your solar modules. Seals out moisture and insulates up to 450 volts. Tape is 3/4 inch wide in a 30 foot roll.

More convenient than tubes. Can be used in any application where you may have used heat shrink tubing except for underwater well pump connections. available in single rolls or discounted in lots of 5.



Part Number Description Price
VEE-070560 Black Cold Fusing Shrink Tape, Single roll Click for Price


WEEB Grounding System Introduction                                              

Introducing the latest technology in grounding your solar array! Soon to be an absolute must for all PV systems! No more running ground wire to and from every module, and the sweetest thing is that the WEEB system is more effective!

WEEB stands for "Washer, Electrical Equipment Bonding". The WEEB family of products are used to bond solar modules to solar mounts. The mounts are then grounded so the entire assembly is grounded. The products use patent pending technology for bonding anodized aluminum surfaces together. Bonding PV modules to a mounting structure removes the need to wire the modules separately. Only the mounting structure needs to be wired to ground.

Why Should I Use it?

  • Gives more consistent results than the method of scraping off the anodized coating by hand and using star washers.

  • It saves you time!  ...No more running ground wire to every PV module. 

  • It's safe. ...Meets UL467 requirements for bonding/grounding systems.

  • Its reliable. ...Patented design features stainless steel teeth that bite into anodized aluminum, providing a gas tight connection which prevents oxidation.


Grounding the entire array is now much easier! By simply mounting one WEEB Lug for each rail assures the teeth will penetrate into the aluminum rail. The lug itself is tin plated copper and the washer is stainless steel. The lug is a lay-in type, making it easy to attach the ground wire. Because you don't have to run ground wire to every single module, you save time and have a much cleaner installation. Neat!

Introduction to the parts needed

WEEB-9.5 bottom viewWEEBLug bottom viewThe WEEB-9.5 is a washer used to bond the frame of a PV module to a pole or ground mounting structure. The WEEB-9.5 has fingers which will hold the part in any 3/8 inch hole. This allows the WEEB-9.5 to be inserted at the mounting locations and stays in place while the module is aligned. When the hardware is tightened, specially designed teeth on the WEEB-9.5 embed into the module and mounting structure, making a gas-tight connection.

 nGround Mount 9.5 & LugA variant part, the WEEB-9.5NL, does not have the fingers. This allows the part to be used to join structural pieces of a mounting structure where only a single fastener is used and allows bolts up to 3/8 inch in diameter. The fingers are not needed because it is relatively easy to assemble a single fastener with the WEEB, while for the case with modules, the large size of the module would make it difficult to position both the module and the WEEB. See the installation instructions for detailed pictures.

The WEEB-xMC(s) are used for rail-mounted modules. Retaining features keep the parts on the rail while still allowing them to be correctly positioned beneath the modules.

Rounding out the product family is the WEEB Lug, a two piece set of washer plus lug. The washer has specialized teeth for making connection through an anodized aluminum surface. The lug allows the lay-in connection of wire after the lug has been mounted.



Please call us at 888-826-0939 for more information or pricing on the WEEB Grounding System

WEEB Lug Story...

Problem – no existing lugs meet UL467 when bonding to PV modules

Extensive testing was required to develop the new WEEB family of bonding products. During the testing, it was necessary to connect wires to the power supply which produces the current levels called out by UL467, the standard for grounding and bonding equipment. There is a style of lug popular with solar installers which is available from ILSCO and Burndy. John Wiles, in a report sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories,, suggests mounting the lug to a module with a 10-32 stainless steel screw. When the lug was used in the suggested manner, it failed before the bonding equipment under test.

Test Results:

Under repeated testing we witnessed cases where the bolt head actually flew off the lug a landed on the floor, engulfed in flames. Can you imagine this same situation happening on one of your roof mount installations?

Investigation of the test results produced the following facts:
  1. UL467 section 3.6 limits the wire size used with a 1/4 inch screw to 6 AWG so the lug should only be rated for 14-6 AWG.
  2. In the suggested mounting method no current travels through the tang of the lug. All the current is carried from the top of the tang, through the length of the screw and finally from the screw threads into the aluminum.
  3. Since the screw is stainless steel it has fairly high resistance. The screw is able to conduct 470 Amperes (UL467 rating for 12 AWG wire) for 4 seconds, but fails when carrying 750 Amperes (UL467 rating for 10 AWG wire). The combination of lug and stainless steel screw should therefore be used with a maximum wire size of 12 AWG.
Further investigation with ILSCO produced additional facts:
  1. For UL approval testing, the lug was mounted on a steel plate. The suggested mounting method is therefore not in accordance with the listed use of the lug. To use the lug properly then, the aluminum oxide should be scraped off the mounting surface before the lug is mounted.
  2. For UL approval testing, the mounting screw was tightened to 110 inch pounds. This torque level is far in excess of what a thin PV module frame will support. Again the suggested mounting method is not in accordance with the listed use of the lug. There does not appear to be a way to obtain this level of torque with the suggest mounting method.
  1. Lugs popularly available are not being used in a manner consistent with their listing and therefore do not meet code.
  2. A 10-32 stainless steel mounting screw should only be used where the required equipment ground wire is 12 AWG or smaller.
Additional comments:

The current levels called out in UL467 are fairly high, though of short duration. One might argue that for PV installations the current will never be so high because the modules are a current limited source; however, for those installations where the inverter is located near the modules, there is a possibility of AC faults which can generate this level of current. In addition, a good low impedence connection is desirable to give the best protection from lightning induced currents.

Solution - the WEEBLug

The patent pending WEEBLug consists of a washer and lay-in lug. The WEEBLug is mounted using a 1/4-28 stainless steel screw. Specialized teeth on the washer are constructed to embed into anodized aluminum and establish a gas-tight electrical connection. To obtain the lowest impedence path for the bonding connection, the washer is constructed of thin stainless steel. The current path through the aluminum, the teeth, the washer body and into the lug is therefore very short. The lug is constructed of tin plated copper for corrosion resistance. Wire is clamped by a stainless steel screw on the lug, which is horizontal to the tang for easy access when mounted under a PV module. The screw is a 1/4-28 size for easy wrenching. The WEEBLug comes with hardware for mounting to a rail or 1/4 inch through hole.

How is this safer?

The WEEBLug and other members of the WEEB family are design to conduct thousands of amps safely. When they do fail - at extremely high currents - the WEEB washers fail in a safe manner. Most of the heat is generated right at the teeth so they and the surrounding aluminum melt and open just like a fuse. Because the washer is sandwiched between two large metal pieces, the small amount of melted material is safely contained.

Midnite Solar Lightning Arrestor (Surge Suppressor)                     


Don't forget lightning! If you have all those expensive modules on your roof or top of pole, that's a lot of metal to attract lightning into your house. Most combiner boxes are made so that the PV - and + are isolated from ground. This enables you to install a  lightning arrestor at the combiner and bond the module frames, Lightning Arrestor and the combiner box to the ground stake at the bottom of you rack, which in turn bonds to the system ground stake as well.

Lightning does what it wants but, if you make a good suggestion it may follow it, and keep it from entering your house. Call Tom at 888-503-6772 to discuss wiring this up.


Model Number




300V Surge Suppressor

Click for Price


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