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When it comes to solar water pumping the folks at  Dankoff  Pumps really know their stuff. We sell, install and repair these pumps and we have for years. If you have a question on water pumping give The Solar BiZ a call Toll Free 888-826-0939

Submersible Pumps 

Looking for a well pump?  We sell the complete line of Grundfos Submersible Well Pumps CLICK HERE to view

Surface Pumps                                                                                                                     
Non-submersible, to draw from surface water


Solar Slowpump

.25 - 4 GPM, 450 Ft. Max.
1 - 15 LPM, 140 m max.

Flowlight Booster Pump

for domestic pressurizing,
and purification systems
3 - 5 GPM, 65 PSI max.
3 - 17 LPM, 4.6 bar max.


Solar Force Piston Pump

Incredibly dependable pump for water lifting or pressurizing. Shown with optional pressure tank.
3.5 - 9 GPM, 230 Feet or 100 PSI max.
13 34 LPM to 70 m max.


SunCentric™ Solar Centrifugal

for irrigation, circulation, swimming pools
10 - 50 GPM, 100 Feet max.
39 - 190 LPM, 30 m max.

Solaram surface pump

for very high lifts
3 - 9 GPM, 250 - 960 Feet
10 - 34 LPM, 75 - 290 m



DC Hot Water Circulating Pumps

High efficiency brass magnetic drive pumps for solar water heating, hydronic heating, and





We have been working with solar energy & battery systems since 1969... Over Four decades.

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